Grasshopper Green - Powered by CPR - WATCHU for kids specially designed for young kids to be independent while staying connected with their parents. SOS emergency assist puts the wearer in contact with a pre-approved contact. Set Geo-zones to receive text alerts when the wearer enters or leaves a location. Location tracking that updates every 60 seconds.

WATCHU - The Ultimate Watch, Phone, GPS Tracker With Built In SOS Button Direct To Your Mobile - UK App - UK Company - UK Technical Support

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Parents can now enjoy true peace of mind with regard to their children's safety. With real-time pin-point tracking, Two-way phone calling, GPS trail logging, and smart location alerts, parents can track their child's whereabouts directly from the WATCHU App. 

WATCHU uses the latest technology and materials (TPSiV®), specifically designed for safe wearable tech.

The watch will include a CPR Chameleon PAYG SIM with £3 worth of credit free of charge allowing WATCHU to work straight out of the box. CPR Chameleon is a unique mobile network that can switch between all major networks to ensure that the WATCHU has optimum GPS tracking signal at all times.

For basic location tracking the watch will use around £1 of credit per week with general use. Voice call costs will depend on usage. Our PAYG tariff can be found Here.

Credit top ups can be made via our CPR Chameleon Top Up page.

Download our wholesale pack here.