Protect+ - Our only white list call blocker. 100% protection from all scam and nuisance calls. Allows for a 100 number whitelist. Simple to setup. Ideal for people with Alzheimer's and Dementia.

CPR Protect Landline Call Blocker - Block All Incoming Calls - Remote Program Trusted Phone Numbers - Designed To Safeguard Vulnerable Adults - Protect vunerable people and those living with Dementia or Alzheimer's.

CPR Call Blocker
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CPR Protect + Designed For 100% Protection Against Phone Scams For Consumers Suffering from Dementia / Alzheimer's

We all want the older people in our lives to live safely and with independence. With age the risk of trips and falls increases. The potential for medical conditions which place our loved ones in vulnerable positions is a source of concern. The Protect+ is designed to safeguard the most vulnerable while maintaining their active independence.

No Monthly Charges
No Monitoring Fees
Powers directly through the phone line
Plugs Directly Into Your Home Phone In Seconds

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Written by Lucia on 26th May 2017

I bought this to install on my elderly mother's phone line. She has been driven nearly insane by cold callers, silent callers, scammers, PPI/Boiler replacement hopefuls and random wrong numbers for years. I have already installed and programmed it with a dozen or so 'trusted numbers'. It's small and very unobtrusive. It took less than 10 minutes to set up, and works brilliantly. The peace of mind this will bring is, in my view, priceless.

Excellent piece of equipment
Written by Chris on 26th May 2017

Excellent piece of equipment and stops all calls dead! You have to be careful when entering your "white list" numbers as there is no way of knowing if you have pressed a wrong digit. And you'll be stuck with that number in your list unless you perform a reset and wipe all of the numbers out. For the same reason It's also a good idea to keep a separate record of the numbers you have entered.

CPR Call Blocker Protect
Written by Robert on 26th May 2017

I was tired of calls at all hours, during dinner, etc... and was determined to put a stop to it. I purchased this Call Blocker and a new DTec phone system. I installed the Call Blocker on the phone system base, entered all the phone numbers we wanted to let through, and the Call Blocker did the rest. We haven't received one call we didn't want since this device was installed. No more robocalls, no more telemarketers, no more political campaign calls, no more "Research Surveys", no more calls other than those we want. This is without much doubt, the best money I ever spent.

100% recommended
Written by Happy customer on 26th May 2017

This is brilliant! I used to have a lot of calls at all times of the day or night, sales people or automated messages, just nuisance calls. Now I have nothing unless I've programmed the number into my allowed list. I'd absolutely recommend this if you have lots of nuisance calls.

Set up and then forget it.
Written by James 9 to 5 on 26th May 2017

This tiny little plastic box doesn't look like 50 quids worth of kit but it certainly gets the job done. Like the bouncer at a VIP nightclub it lets callers know, if they are not on the list, they ain't getting in. One thing I will say is that on my particular phone, I had to wait 20 seconds before I was allowed to input any codes or numbers.The manual did not indicate this might happen.But once I had figured this out It was ready to go in about 20 minutes with only 36 numbers able to get through. I believe it holds 100 so there is plenty of scope to make new friends. Fantastic

One Star
Written by Ravinder Sharma on 26th May 2017

Did not state, but must have caller ID before you can use this device.

Five Stars
Written by jayne dowling on 26th May 2017

This call blocker is great no more unwanted calls. thank you

Call blocker
Written by Davies on 26th May 2017

It needed you to program in all the people you wanted to contact you. So if you forgot someone they could not get through unless they had the code, or people who had never rang you before who needed to speak to you could not get through.

Just buy it! Worth every penny.
Written by Mr. C. Sharman on 26th May 2017

Brilliant piece of kit. Blocks every number that tries to call you UNLESS you program the numbers that you want to call you through your phone keypad. I.e family, friends, Dr's, Dentist, Vets. Our house is so much more quiet now. We used to get phone calls for a Mrs Carter? I've lived here for 15 yrs and had same number for 10 yrs and no Mrs Carter has lived here that I know off. I especially liked the calls from Mary with an Indian accent and her telling me I have a virus on my laptop? Shame I will miss her lol.

Everybody should have one!
Written by maggie d on 26th May 2017

Great gadget for unwanted calls, you need call display for it to work. Program area code into machine for all local number to get through! Gp, dentist etc. It doesn't tell u in book to do this, but it works. No more unwanted calls, Brilliant.

sounded too good to work but it does
Written by Amazon Customer on 26th May 2017

peace in the house at last! sounded too good to work but it does. my fault i didnt realise that i had purchased a white call blocker which blocks everything but all i had to do was programme the numbers in from friends and family which took about 15 mins and thats that! Really pleased with it, also i used the help line and they were really good

very easy to set up
Written by mike on 26th May 2017

Call blocker arrived early,very easy to set up, just read and follow the instructions,I now have peace and tranquillity,I wish i had bought this years ago,friends and family etc can call me, but it blocks all others,fabulous bit of kit, i recommend this to anyone having nuisance calls,

Two Stars
Written by jim bob on 26th May 2017

not made clear that all calls are blocked at start.

works like a
Written by L. M. Hirst on 26th May 2017

superb product. works like a dream

Five Stars
Written by Gordon Morey on 26th May 2017

No more cold calls

Simple, effective protection
Written by Amazon Customer on 26th May 2017

A brilliant product which has been giving my Aunt who has Alzheimers, absolute protection from cold calling parasites for some 5 months now. It even interfaces happily with her in-line care alarm. Only one problem with the otherwise incredibly simple set-up but if I'd read the FAQs before starting, I would have avoided that. Duh! Can't recommend it highly enough for anybody else in my Aunt's situation. Looking at some recent prices, we paid 49.99 from a UK based supplier. Make sure you get the "white list" blocking Protect PLUS for complete protection.

a good purchase recommended by trading
Written by robert knight on 26th May 2017

a good purchase recommended by trading standards

Five Stars
Written by mr michael f palmer on 26th May 2017

this is a very good item it has stopped all unwanted calls and is very easy to set up

Five Stars
Written by Angela Banas on 26th May 2017

All ok

really pleased with it
Written by Sandra Padley on 26th May 2017

Excellant product, really pleased with it, no more unwanted telephone calls. I have even bought one for an elderley relative.

Blocks all calls but the ones I want to let through.
Written by M B on 26th May 2017

Finally! a white-list call blocker, I just type in the numbers I want to get through to me, everything else gets blocked. Works great. I had the standard black-list version of Call Blocker before, but now that call centers can buy STD codes from all over the country, they were still getting through. This new white-list call blocker has stopped all that... dead!

Might as well have unplugged the Phone line and saved the money
Written by Unknown on 26th May 2017

The call blocker, blocked everything even when I programmed in the numbers to allow through.I have sent the product back to CPR.

If you're getting unwanted or harassment calls - this is better, less hassle and probably cheaper than changing your number.
Written by A CHILCOTT on 26th May 2017

The Protect+ is a superb piece of equipment that has given back the control of my phone. After I annoyed an international call-centre by time wasting, they retaliated by placing my phone number on an auto-redialler. The number was blocked on my handset, but as quickly as I blocked their number they would morph their line ID and continue, forcing the line to be unplugged. The phone company were unable to help without incurring a monthly subscription. The Protect+ enables you to enter the telephone numbers of family and friends - and only those who you want to speak to. If the number's not on the list - it's not getting through. This device solved the malicious call issue and has added value of stopping ALL other sales. UPDATE: 4 months from originally getting this product the phone still only rings when it's people I have selected to speak with. I remember it took about 10-15 minutes to set up and program the numbers, and it's simple to enter an additional number in seconds. To be honest I'm not sure how many incoming calls it has blocked because I don't know about them. I can't recommend this highly enough.

super blocker
Written by witchygrub on 26th May 2017

Fantastic wee box. Installed one for myself and my mother as we were both plagued by cold callers at our respective addresses. Since this has been put in , neither of us has had one unwanted call. Arrived very promptly and well packaged. Very easy to install. Just make sure that the telephone numbers you want through is comprehensive as this blocker allows nothing through that is not on the list you compile. Fabulous box. Silence is golden. Thoroughly recommend and would use seller again.

Four Stars
Written by Kelvin Browne on 26th May 2017

It does what it says in the instructions which is all you need!

5.0 out of 5 starsit is excellent I haven't had any cold calls since setting it ...
Written by smithy on 26th May 2017

it is excellent I haven't had any cold calls since setting it up only the ones I installed peace at last many thanks

Peace Perfect Peace!!
Written by Canny Scot on 26th May 2017

Well, peace perfect peace at long last! I didn't ever answer the unrecognised numbers that incessantly rang throughout the day & evening but the fact that the phone kept ringing used to drive me to distraction. It was so disruptive. I had considered purchasing a call blocker in the past but the 'black list' wouldn't have coped with 'withheld' or 'no caller ID' calls. This 'white list' call blocker is just what I've been waiting for someone to invent! It was so easy to set up - and now when the phone rings I know I'm safe to answer even without wearing my reading glasses! Get one and enjoy a more peaceful life.

Stop Nuisance Calls Imediately
Written by D. Jones on 26th May 2017

Excellent product. I bought this for my 93yr old mother who lives on her own and was been targeted by cold callers. It did not work when first installed as she had not subscribed to caller display. Once this worked it was easy to set up. One problem, social services phone now and again but as they phone from the council offices they do not have a caller ID so we cannot put a number in, they now ring me and if necessary she can ring them back.. Despite this problem well worth buying as it has stopped nuisance calls immediately and she is much happier.

At last... no more annoying, worrying and confusing phone calls.
Written by Mrs. CJ Stone on 26th May 2017

Wonderful, fast delivery, easy to set up, tested the theory by leaving my mobile number out of it and ringing through.... blocked.... then put my number in, rung through again, got through easily. The old boy ( Father-in-law, Alzheimers sufferer, very easily confused) is happy with it and that's what we wanted. Would thoroughly recommend. My sister is now getting one for my mother.

installed into the phone line put in the numbers i ...
Written by Clive Rushbrooke on 26th May 2017

installed into the phone line put in the numbers i wanted to allow through and it worked peace at last

Written by Julie Carmichael on 26th May 2017

Mum receiving up to 12 nuisance calls a day, now none. Had to swap new phone as old phone BT 1571 which conflicted but once new phone set up and instructions followed works a dream. Only people who can phone mum are the calls we program to allow. Worth the money for mums peace of mind :)

Works exceptionally well. And I now have peace and ...
Written by Frances Shanahan on 26th May 2017

Works exceptionally well. And I now have peace and quiet back in my life with only family and friends who can get through to me! All nuisance calls have stopped. You can still review all callers and phone back but the phone doesn't ring! Phew!

Silence is Golden
Written by Chas on 26th May 2017

After being plagued my nuisance calls I invested in the CPR blocker. The setup was very easy and the silence very golden, i wish I had bought this years ago as I now have control over who calls me...... My stress levels have fallen and I now know when the phone rings it's someone I want to talk to. Brilliant device which I highly recommend.

Peace at last
Written by Mark Barry on 26th May 2017

Life is so much more peaceful since purchasing this product - no more cold or silent calls! Easy set up and totally works!

Complete peace of mind - at last!
Written by Lucia on 26th May 2017

After doing some online research, I bought this to install on my elderly mother's phone line. She has been driven nearly insane by cold callers, silent callers, scammers, PPI/Boiler replacement hopefuls and random wrong numbers for years. Registering with the TPS was worse than useless. Only someone with an elderly or vulnerable relative themselves could understand the distress and upset these unwanted calls caused. The unit was delivered this morning (a Sunday!) and I have already installed and programmed it with a dozen or so 'trusted numbers'. It's small and very unobtrusive. It took less than 10 minutes to set up, and works brilliantly. The peace of mind this will bring is, in my view, priceless. Thank you so much to whoever invented it and to CPR for marketing it. I only wish I had heard of it sooner!

Brilliant Product
Written by Robert W on 26th May 2017

Bought this after my elderly mother became a victim to a scam. Its simple and easy to setup and does what it says on the box. I no longer have to worry about who is ringing her because she dictates who's number to put in and allow through. The only minor issue is the length of the cable, but longer lengths can be purchased. Highly recommend this product.

being nice, being downright rude
Written by Moana on 26th May 2017

This may be a little premature after only 12 hours of having this call blocker - but it is WOONDERBAR!!!! Can't believe that we put up with all those International, Withheld, Unknown, Robotic etc calls for so looooooooong. Over the last few years we have tried everything to stop these blasted nuisance calls, answering machines, speaking in foreign languages, being nice, being downright rude, feigning all sorts of things. Best money spent and at least we now know if we rush in from the garden, get rudely awakened from a 40 winks, get disturbed whilst having a meal, being annoyed on even Saturdays and Sunday - it will be a legitimate call.

Great device
Written by M Jefferson on 26th May 2017

If you are fed up to the back teeth with calls you do not want or ever asked for then this device is undoubtedly for you just add the numbers or area codes you want to receive calls from and you will be able to enjoy life again without someone calling about boilers, double glazing and insulation.

call blocker
Written by just jane on 26th May 2017

Happy with product.only drawback is having to load number allowed.this cantake a while.

Fantastic bit of kit
Written by SPARKY 7 on 26th May 2017

Amazing bit of kit, easier to set up than the instructions read, no power supply required and uses the power from the phone, simply connect between the phone and the lead feeding it ( cable supplied in box )Just enter from your phone numbers that are allowed through and it's all done. No more unwanted calls to answer !!

Easy to set up
Written by Janet Fear on 26th May 2017

Easy to set up , and so far NO nuisance calls . I was getting sometimes 10 a day , and I belong to the telephone preference service . I wished I had bought it long before I did . A big thank you to the inventor .

Very easy to set up
Written by B. Fildes on 26th May 2017

Very easy to set up ,just hang up after every telephone number entered ( numbers you want to be able to contact you ) and off you go not had a nuisance call since installing ,well worth the money

Fantastic improvement to my quality of life
Written by Jonathon Lowson on 26th May 2017

Absolutely brilliant product easy to set up and use. I've been plagued with junk calls for many many years now and even with anonymous call barring from BT I was still getting hassled every day. With this device I can choose who can reach me on my landline. I've currently set it up to accept calls only from a few close friends and family. I've had this device installed just over a week now and the improvement in my quality of life is astounding! Easily the best 39 I've ever spent.

Super gadget!
Written by neilly on 26th May 2017

Does what it sais nicely.*****.

I love it
Written by steven on 26th May 2017

excellent product, ,easy to set up and no more cold calls, only numbers you want to get through

Call blocker
Written by Paul Lewis on 26th May 2017

After suffering many years of nuisance call,sometimes as many as a dozen or more a day,we were delighted to find a way to regain some control over our telephone calls! CPR were very efficient and helpful particularly as I ordered the wrong blocker in error. It was exchanged for the correct blocker at once with no comment, much to my relief. The blocker has been a complete success, very easy to set up and use, and peace has been regained much to our relief.

As Advertised
Written by Philip Saulnier on 26th May 2017

This little box has made my life more peaceful. I love this thing!

Excellent product
Written by Chris on 26th May 2017

Have had this for about 2 months and wish I'd bought it before. I hardly get any cold calls now and the bonus of the online help makes this a must buy

This truely IS a call blocker
Written by Dave Price on 26th May 2017

I bought the Protect+ in error, was going to send it back for the other model but decided to keep it GLAD i did. i am now living in peace i get NO cold calls now. Pros. everything Cons. you MUST be aware that if you don't imput the number they CAN NOT reach you so you must warn your contacts not to use another phone number if they have difficulties with their own phone. this is the only down side i know of. BUT i still recommend this devise 99% buy this devise with this in mind and you WILL be very happy. inputting your known numbers is also very easy and should not put you off.

Does exactly what it says
Written by Em on 26th May 2017

The only calls I get now are family and friends