CS600 big button mobile phone - features an emergency assist button on the back of the phone. Call family or carers in case of a fall, ect.

CPR Mobile Phone for elderly people. Big Buttons for people with poor eyesight. Sim Free Mobile Phone

CPR Call Blocker

We all want the older people in our lives to live safely and with independence. With age the risk of trips and falls increases. The potential for medical conditions which place our loved ones in vulnerable positions is a source of concern. The CS600 Mobile is designed to safeguard the most vulnerable while maintaining their active independence.

Call Blocking
CS600 has a built-in Black and White list function. The Black List function allows users to block nuisance callers at the touch of a button. The White List function can be programmed to allow only certain numbers through (a great feature for vulnerable adults).

Photo Contacts
CS600 features a large colour screen and photo contacts. The photo contacts feature allows the user to dial using the image of a person. (useful for the visually impaired)

Intelligent SOS Emergency Assist
The emergency assist SOS key sends an SMS message to all contacts in the emergency number list. (Saying: Emergency, Call Me) Once sent, the phone calls the primary number in the list.  If unanswered the phone will rotate through the numbers until answered.

User Guide and Information Sheet

Product Reviews

Score: 4 out of 5 (based on 26 ratings)
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Written by Jim Rolins on 26th May 2017

Have had this phone for 3 months now an it has not missed a beat, its very easy to use has nice big button keys and handy call blocking features (which I have yet to use). Battery life is also very good, only have to charge it every 4-5 days.

Four Stars
Written by PG Ashcroft on 26th May 2017

Does what it says on the box

Four Stars
Written by Amazon Customer on 26th May 2017

Does exactly as described

Written by J. BURLAND on 26th May 2017

Fantastic, easy to use phone with nice large screen and buttons. Needed to talk to CPR for some help and they were most helpful, Thanks

Nice phone But it will not work with Network3 contacted ...
Written by J p on 26th May 2017

Nice phone But it will not work with Network3 contacted CPR tect team because I was unable to get network was informed it will only take a 2G SIM card from this network and to get a 2G card from Network3 Rang Network3 but was informed 2G was out of date and only do 3 / 4G SIM cards went back to CPR and informed them of this advice buyers to check with them before buying if there network will work Would like CPR to list networks and SIM cards which will work on this phone or update there phone to work all networks and SIM cards 2G SIM cards are long out of date Jp

Excellent choice as a home/mobile phone for the elderly
Written by John Ryan on 26th May 2017

Having reviewed on Amazon for a while, I was pleased to receive this ?Call Blocker? mobile phone in return for an independent and unbiased review. The first thing that struck me was the size and design. At 5 x 2.5 inches and 1/2 inch deep it?s remarkably light in the hand at just 86g. Having said that, it?s a nice size that fits well in the hand and is comfortable to use. The numeric keys are all large (about 20 point font) and well spaced out, and both myself and my dad had no problems reading them, even without reading glasses. Glad to say the bright green ?Answer? and red ?Hang up? buttons are also large, and there?s a standard set of mobile phone buttons for Yes/no and to cycle up/down menus. Overall, if you?ve used a mobile phone before, this will feel very familiar to you, without any of the potential complications of a smartphone. When cycling through the menus, the screen there relatively large 2.5 inch colour LCD screen displays both a large icon and a word to describe the features including messages, call history, Settings and Phone Book. I also liked the fact that it can speak the buttons as they are pressed which will be particularly useful for the elderly with a visual impairment. Likewise, the phone has a remarkably loud ring, and even my 89 year old dad who?s quite deaf in one ear (and not so good on the other), could hear it clearly. It has a built in camera which can be used to take photos of people, and record them on a menu. I particularly liked this feature, as it means my dad can phone the family easily without having to remember phone numbers or squint without his reading glasses to see names. The camera can also be used as a built in magnifier, to magnify an image about 4-6 inches from the phone. A bit of a gimmick, but perhaps a feature some will use. Of course the key feature is the ?Call Blocking? feature which is easy to set up. This can be set up using either a ?Black List? - which means it blocks specific numbers or a ?White List? which means all calls except the named numbers are blocked - a great feature for the elderly or vulnerable. Although this is a mobile, it does come with a handy charger and stand. I liked this feature, as my dads forever forgetting to plug his phone in, or leaving it around on the side and losing it under a pile of papers. This way the phone has a ?home? (as it will seldom leave the house), and will always remain fully charged. Conclusion I have to admit, I?m really impressed by the design of this mobile phone. If you or your parents are elderly, with potential vision or dexterity challenges, this would make a fantastic purchase. The excellent design including large numbers, easy to use charging station and the absolute stand out call blockingl feature make this a very compelling phone. Highly recommended. Disclosure: I was provided this by the manufacturer in return for an independent review. Glad I did, it?s nothing short of terrific.

perhaps the thinking is that someone with excellent eyesight will be setting the phone up
Written by Reviewify.co.uk on 26th May 2017

Kindly sent to me to review, this is a big button mobile aimed squarely at those looking for a simple to use mobile with some interesting tricks for managing incoming calls. It has a small screen (display only, not touch) and a large button keypad underneath. The back is removable as is the battery. It takes a standard SIM card (i.e. the large type) and can also have a micro SD card fitted for additional memory. Considering the target audience the manual should really have been printed in larger text, perhaps the thinking is that someone with excellent eyesight will be setting the phone up. The screen menu items are nice and large, and contacts can have photos added to them so it's clear who is calling. There is a camera included and an interesting use of the camera is as a magnifying glass, showing a magnified view on the phone screen. It's a nice idea and could be useful in a pinch, but the low resolution camera and screen mean you wouldn't want to use this over a real magnifying glass. The phone gets its name from the ability to block unwanted calls. This can be achieved via one of two ways: either specific numbers can be added to a blacklist, and any calls made to the phone by those numbers will be automatically rejected; Or numbers can be added to a whitelist and ONLY those numbers will be accepted, with all others being rejected. Note that if voicemail is setup blocked callers will be redirected to the voicemail rather than having the call terminated. Around the back it an SOS button which, when triggered, sounds an alarm, sends out an SOS text message to nominated numbers and attempts to call those numbers as well. Basic phone that needs a bit of investigation to get the most out of, but once setup it should prove to be easy to use.

Well made and plenty of useful features
Written by PPS076 on 26th May 2017

My 99 year old relative (Jack) has been asking me to get him a mobile for a while yet he ends up never using them despite me having given him a few different ones to try. When I was kindly invited by the seller to review this I knew that Jack would be the ideal candidate to use it, after I had conducted an independent evaluation of course. It came with all the essential accessories (USB charger, 3 PIN plug USB charger, dock stand, product brochure and user manual) and one obvious area for improvement here would be to double the size of the manual. I just used a standard PAYG SIM card with this and there was also room inside the phone for an SD memory card. In terms of quality I would say that it's good quality for the price and it's about the same size as a standard mobile phone but with bigger keys and a really nice, smooth, matte, black finish. The button arrangement is standard and thankfully the main function keys and LCD digits are larger than the other keys and the battery bar is bigger than normal. You also get a flashlight included, an SOS button (see paragraph 7) and a rear camera. I managed to set this up and start it up with no issues and that's very important for certain individuals. With some handsets, the rear casing is difficult to open but not with this. Although Jack is unlikely to use the bluetooth, FM radio and take photos anytime soon, he does use a lot of his magnifying glass and frequently forgets where he put it. This has that built in and it worked well. For me though it's best features were its ability to allow you to block calls with both the call blocking options so you can use the black list function to block nuisance calls or have the White list function to allow only certain users to call through. Jack often receives calls from people asking him for money and it does concern me, especially when he believes that he has a nasty virus on his computer despite him not having one at the moment!. I also like the photo contacts which lets you dial using a photo of the person rather than using the numeric option and given that he has nervous issues and an unsteady hand, that's important for him. It also has the SOS / panic function which I liked which can be programmed so that the first five programmed numbers will be called in the event of an 'incident'. I found that this was smooth in use and worked well and it's certainly user friendly in many ways. It does also beep when you press the buttons and a voice calls out the numbers that you dial. All in all, this is a very good product which I would say would be ideal for the elderly, poor sighted, disabled, more vulnerable and people who want a fairly basic phone and wants to block out all the nuisance calls. Now that I've finished testing this I will hand it over to Jack and explain to him how it all works. Jack may be one of the worse case scenarios for using this but it will be important to obtain his feedback on this after he gets used to using it. I will update the comments box in due course.

Blocking unwanted calls
Written by rogerpeter on 26th May 2017

Absolutely brilliant wish it had been out years ago .

My husband is very happy with this phone - it is fairly basic but ...
Written by Luckyann on 26th May 2017

My husband is very happy with this phone - it is fairly basic but he only uses it for messages + phone + the odd pictures + the battery lasts quite a long time. Thank you

For a larger button ?easy to use phone? it's a solid offering ? but there are a few areas I would change
Written by Mr Baz on 26th May 2017

Note: The maker supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal view Box contents: Phone, battery, docking station, micro USB cable, user manual and UK 3 pin USB adapter A product of this type is clearly aimed as a no frills simple phone some of the appeal could be for those who are visually impaired/relatives who want something fairy easy to use. As such I'm looking less at ?features? and more on the user experience of the handset; though the maker has added some extras such as a camera, FM radio and Bluetooth enough to add a bit more but the big hitting area is probably the SOS function and the call blocking feature. I rounded up a list of areas I thought were good and some that I felt might be improved: Areas I liked: + ?Blacklists? and ?Whitelists? can simplify the operation and restrict the phones use + Layout and ease of use is quite good fairly intuitive in use with vocal feedback on the number pad + Larger capacity 900mAh battery can be replaced and offers good standby/talk times + Photo contacts/calling + Some useful features included such as the ?magnifier? (using the camera) and Bluetooth/Music player and photo viewer. + SOS function can be programmed for specific numbers and has an audible siren (can be disabled if you wish) + Handy built in ?LED? torch at the base quite bright and a dedicated switch control + Has some multimedia functions and the built in FM radio has it's own antenna in the phone + Charging via the micro USB cable of the dock Weaker points: - No 3.5mm headphone socket - User manual font should be larger and easier to read - No predictive input for text messages (to be fair other models I've looked at don't have this either) no multimedia MMS - Build could be improved in some places docking station is a bit lightweight and the LCD could offer improved viewing angles Notes: 4 band GMS support unlocked and takes a ?standard sized? sim card Micro SD slot (tested with 16GB card) In the hand the phone is quite light but has a decent tactile feedback on the keypad (also illuminated keys are plastic not rubber) as well as reading out the numbers as you press them. Back cover has a nice softer grip plastic it's a comfortable phone to hold. The display is large for a phone of this type and pretty clear but contrast drops off at more acute viewing angles and the plastic cover is fine but I'd like something a bit thicker over the display though it's adequate for protecting it from most impacts. Menus are well laid out using large icons and big font text settings/phone book, magnifier and call blocking are among the main ones. For some functions you will see the two unmarked ?...? buttons above the green/red call ones with an arrow up/down for menu navigation for the most part it works quite well and it's not a phone that takes long to get used to though some might prefer a 4 way controller with a central ?OK? button. The call blocking is fairy complete not only can you block the calls from numbers that have called but you can make your own White/Black list up. This has some good thinking behind it the Blacklist obviously blocks calls they simply won't get through ? the White list though is a good idea because it means you can limit the phone to dialling a select few numbers you have control both ways on this. In addition there are some settings that can restrict the use of the phone cutting out messages of the organiser/call blocking it might not get used but it's there if you want it. Ringtones are basic but at the highest volume being loud you can if you want specify your own call quality was good no areas to nit pick here with a good microphone calls are clear and reception was also decent it's possible to use the speaker phone too. SOS can be set for calls (up to 5) and with SMS (you can set your own message if you wish) or you can just have the calls only program in the numbers hitting this button on the back (easy to feel and see being silver) a siren fires off when it's pressed which I quite like because if it's pressed the user will know about it very clearly you can turn it off but I would be tempted to leave it on. Rounding up for me I thought the call blocking features were worthy and I the layout use is quite sensible too with the photo calling a novel and interesting idea (you pick the images to use on these) an alternative to using the names only. LED torch is fairly bright though located at the bottom which is unusual. Magnifier makes use of the camera and enlarges text nice to have some extra use of the camera (it's a fairly basic one 0.3mp but good enough for this task) I would tweak a few areas on the phone though strange that the almost standard 3.5mm headphone socket is absent (Bluetooth is fine but might prove intimidating for some users if it's not pre-set up. I can read the manual without problems but those who have less than perfect eyesight might find it a struggle an oversight really and that needs looking at (it does explain how to use the phone quite well the font needs to be x2 size at least) In most areas it does deliver the experience I would expect for a product of this type with most of the complaints being less critical to the operation and use. It's certainly worth looking at in particular for the call blocking features and SOS function

Five Stars
Written by susan nixon on 26th May 2017

Very pleased with this item it is good for mum

You'll love it!
Written by Ruth W. Zimmerman on 26th May 2017

I bought two of these one for me and for my sister. I love this. This is the kind of protection I've been wanting for my phones like blocking features. Finally found it. It's amazing clarity, Buy it! You'll love it!

Nice mobile phone
Written by Alan1934 on 26th May 2017

Excellent call Bocking mobile phone but only 4 stars as instruction leaflet far too small to read.

Good Phone For The Target Audience But Ridiculously Small instructions
Written by H. Pierce on 26th May 2017

The CPR Call Blocker big button phone is ideal for anyone who struggles with small phone buttons; this might be due to age, disability, poor sight, etc. The buttons on this mobile are sturdy and of a good clear size. The contrast of the numbers is good, white on black. The phone also 'speaks' the number as you dial it, so it can help the user be sure that they are dialing correctly. The CPR call blocker does not look like a disability aid, although it does look like a phone for an older person - it certainly isn't up there with the latest technological gadgets! This isn't necessarily a bad thing though. If the phone is slightly less flashy, it is less likely to attract unwanted attention, which is always a bonus. This is particularly true for people who have disabilities, or are elderly, and who wouldn't want any extra reason to feel vulnerable. Setting up the phone is easy, although the instructions are printed ridiculously small when you consider the market audience of this product. You could use the nifty magnifying feature, but you would have to know how to use this...which might be found if you had read the instructions...which is difficult if you cannot read them. The screen size is decent and, when combined with the photo contacts, is useful as an extra aide for any visually impaired individual. One of the most reassuring features is the SOS programmable button. It means that in an emergency the user can press the SOS button and the phone will automatically start to phone and text the first of five pre-set numbers. If no answer is gained, or only voicemail, it moves on to the next pre-set number. This feature is such a great idea, and can give piece of mind to both the phone user, and family or friends who may worry over them. The CPR Call Blocker also, as the name suggests, allows the user to block out all calls aside from those that have been entered into the phone book. The other option is to block all nuisance calls at the mere touch of a button. Overall, I think that the phone is an absolute godsend for elderly or visually impaired individuals. The call blocker functions, and the SOS feature, really set this phone apart from many standard issue handsets. The only criticism I have is the the instructions are seriously small when you consider the target audience for this type of model. I do, however, hope that the people who will use these types of phone will have someone they can trust to set it up.

Lightweight and large format keys
Written by Seaburgh on 26th May 2017

This lightweight and slim phone is generally easy to use whilst still supporting a range of features. It boasts extras such as a low resolution digital camera and FM radio, but these can be ignored if desired. The menu operations are very much like a Nokia from 10 years ago. The blacklist feature is simple and effective, and a good guard against the ever growing number of nuisance calls. The buttons are large and clear and speed dials can set, alternatively people can be selected via photo, but without the benefits of a touch screen it doesn't seem as intuitive as it could be. This attractive phone is generally easy to use, but still it has some awkward fiddly bits considering its target market.

Targeted Market Phone
Written by Chrymas on 26th May 2017

This phone with its larger buttons is aimed at the elderly market, but could also be useful for people who need glasses but do not always wear them. The big buttons are easy to use and are easily seen, the screen is clear and again easy to read. It has a voice feature which when dialling gives you the numbers you have pressed and could be invaluable to those with even less sight. Generally receiving and making calls and texts is straight forward, given that you have learnt the proceedures. Creating text could be off putting in that you have to press buttons multiple times to get certain characters, touch screen could be easier. The main additional features of this phone, the call blocking will be of great use and assurance to those who are upset by odd calls and the 'white list' is an excellent adjunct when setting up the phone for a person who is not comfortable with mobiles. The magnifier is a good idea but not very good in operation. The torch is a nice touch. On the down side the instruction manual would be difficult for some of the target market to fathom, that is if they could read the very small print. The construction appears to be on the lighter side and it remains to be seen if it phone will put up with use. Given the price of this phone, it is value for money and has a place for those who do not want a smart phone and prefer operational buttons they can see and it would be very good, when set up, for vulnerable or insecure users.

Quite a basic mobile phone, but with some good functions for the elderly / vulnerable...
Written by Chris Hall on 26th May 2017

The CPR Call Blocker 'Big Button' Mobile Phone is a mobile phone that's especially designed for older and the more vulnerable people. The mobile phone is a Sim Free model, meaning you can simply insert a pay-as-you-go Sim Card (i.e. one from your previous phone) and you're good to go. The functionality on the phone is incredibly simple to use (as it should be). The main screen shows the time, the day and the date, how much power is remaining on the phone, and if you have an unread text / missed call. Unlocking the phone is the usual 'press 1 and then the * button in reasonably quick succession'. The text across all of the menus and options is very large and well-illuminated. Undoubtedly, the main feature, the phones USP if you like, is with the black listing function. Quickly black listing calls is incredibly simple. Once the phone has been called by a number that you want blacklisted, it's just a case of choosing the 'Black List' function and then selecting the appropriate number from your recent calls list. Simple as that. There's also a reverse of this, which is via enabling your 'White List' which will block all calls apart from those that you've put on your white list. Other than this the phone offers a handy but quite blurry magnifier (digitally magnifies small text etc). However, you have to have a steady hand to use this otherwise you'll find it just too blurry to use. The camera function is also a little on the ropey side, with the picture quality decidedly grainy, especially if taken indoors. Certainly not great compared to the quality that we're used to on most other modern mobile phones. Other functions of note would be the ability to choose the person to call from your phonebook via a picture (a choice of four come up for the user to select from). There's also a handy little torch that you can turn on from the side of your phone. Finally, you can select to have the buttons you've pressed spoken out to you in a human voice (see accompanying video), which is great for the visually impaired. Other than that what you've got with the CPR Call Blocker Mobile Phone is a pretty standard no-frills mobile with big buttons and very easy to read displays. Good for what it's for, but doesn't offer anything of much note other than these handful of specifics and then the absolute basics.

You get brand reassurance and good features, but not overly good value.
Written by Chappers on 26th May 2017

This mobile phone is aimed at a slightly older-generation who find the concept of touch-screen smartphones completely alien and are looking for something with no frills or fancy features which allows them to call people easily. For this audience, it must be practical and above all easy to use. Size-wise it is reasonable. It?s footprint is larger than that of a credit card. While not exactly ?thin? it isn?t particularly bulky, so that could be considered a good or bad thing depending on your viewpoint. Good in that you could put it in your pocket without too much impact, but bad in that it might not be as easy to pick up if its owner is less dexterous. The form factor of this device is a standard one-piece design. My own mother personally prefers the clamshell-style phone as she prefers the fact that it is closed in her bag so she can?t accidentally dial anyone, and she simply opens it to answer, without having to press a button. Overall build quality is quite plasticky. The materials used are fairly low-grade and not particularly grippy or anything, but it is not shiny or overly slippery to hold. The ring volume is loud enough, and calls come through quite clearly. The phone has a torchlight function that can be activated by a switch on the side, which is handy - although one must be careful not to catch it when putting it one?s pocket. You wouldn?t want the torch being on for hours without realising it. Likewise there is a panic/SOS button which when pressed will contact the first on a list of 5 designated emergency contacts. If no response is achieved, it will start on the next number. That?s a good feature and reassuring to relatives that they are only a single button press away. The headline feature relates to blocking unwanted or nuisance callers - a bane to many people?s lives, not just the older generation. You need to setup the phone to let it know which numbers are ok to get calls from. Speaking of setting it up, the text in the instruction manual is fairly small which is a little ironic given the audience this phone is aimed at. It might be best if it is set up by a savvy friend or relative. The phone is easy to operate with it?s big buttons and relatively clear display. I like the fact that to charge it you can just plonk it in the dock. This is handy and convenient. There is a camera on the back, but the quality is quite poor. For the majority of people who would have this phone, a camera is probably not likely to be used. Looked at in isolation, it seems like a decent proposition from a company that offers other specialised landline call blocking devices. When looked at alongside other ?big button mobile phones? it looks rather pricey at 80 (at time of review). There are a lot of competitors in the 20-40 range, many of whom will also have the SOS/panic button functions, and some will also have blacklist/whitelist contact functions

Good Basic Big Button Mobile
Written by Mummy of Two on 26th May 2017

This is a good mobile phone for those not interested in all the bells and whistles of the normal smart phones and who just want a phone to be a phone. My 83 year old grandmother was particularly impressed with it when I showed it to her and could navigate it reasonably well as she is used to using a mobile however she wouldn't be interested in setting all of the black and white lists for example and would just expect to be able to use it as a phone from the get go. So all of these functions if buying this for an older person would possibly need to still be done by someone more 'phone savvy' as if they are anything like my Nan they are just interested in using it as an emergency phone. The instruction booklet is MINUSCULE and I would have thought as they are advertising this as a big button phone possibly for the older consumer or maybe poorly sighted that they would have thought to have included an instruction booklet with larger print. Anyway the phone is quite simple to use even without looking at the instruction booklet but I think I have made my point re the font size. The phone has a black list and white list function whereby you can block certain callers or only allow calls from contacts along with an SOS button alert whereby if the button on the back is pressed and held it will automatically call up to 5 pre-set contacts one at a time which I thought was a good feature as my Nan currently has a necklace panic button thing that sort of does the same thing but at a monthly cost. The screen size is okay but as the phone is aimed at the older person or visually impaired person I would have thought a slightly bigger screen would have been the way to go. The buttons are a nice size for pressing though and maybe useful for anyone with slight dexterity issues such as arthritis. There is a magnifier function that is meant to be able to increase the font that the phone is held over by using the up and down buttons on the phone however on the phone I have this does not work at all and the only way to magnify the font is to hold the phone closer to the text you wish to read which is no good if you are long sighted. The phone has all the normal menu settings such as call history, contacts, messages, settings and organiser but also has the call blocking menu within there. The camera picture quality is not that great which is probably to be expected with a phone that is meant to be just a phone and so I can't really understand why they included it at all if I am being honest as my Nan for example never uses hers and when she has it has been videos or pictures of her feet. A good basic phone and the picture contact menu is the main big bonus to this along with the larger buttons and sos feature in my mind and the phone is super light to hold maybe this is because it doesn't need all the technology our smart phones need?

Written by H. Parsons on 26th May 2017

I ordered this for my mother who has been struggling to use her 'normal size' mobile as her eye sight is not so good these days and she finds the buttons a bit small. This phone meets her needs perfectly, it is a good size so easy to see and to press the right buttons. It was simple enough to put her SIM card in so it was ready to use in no time. She doesn't make many calls or use a mobile for anything else so this simple phone is just right for her. The nuisance call blocker feature is a bonus which is appreciated. This phone is perfect for anyone needing a large button phone, old or young, it doesn't have the snazzy features of a lot of phones these days but not everyone wants that anyway.

Nice to know who is on the line
Written by Katharine Kirby on 26th May 2017

This comes from Swansea but seems more a product from the USA - it refers to being approved by 'The Police Department'. At first glance, this small black phone does not shout `aid for those more vulnerable people' who need a piece of easy to use mobile phone equipment, protection from unwanted callers or anything extraordinarily outsized for poor eyesight. Indeed the tiny print in the instruction book is suitable only for a mouse to read. Bad start. Lack of joined up thinking. Or maybe you can use the magnifier - oh but you have read the instructions first... Open up the back to insert a sim card, not provided, so needs to be bought, and a battery that is. You might need a micro s d card if you are going use much storage. This is charged in its own tidy dock with a cable supplied that will also work in a car with a USB port. When charging, a green light shows in the 3 pin plug and the display tells you when the phone charge is complete. I was particularly interested in this for our 94 year old mother. Of course someone with younger eyes and a knowledge of how to set it all up will certainly be required. However when sorted and inserted, the photo contacts will be easy to recognise, the SOS button that contacts pre set phone numbers in rotation, could be a real boon, the blocker which filters out all but those you want to be able to ring you is a great idea. Older people get very fussed by cold callers who seem official. Also it is a bore to be disturbed by unnecessary calls to answer. Seeing a photo of the caller ringing will be reassuring. The camera has hardly any pixels so will be a rather blurry image. The FM radio is a nice extra as long as it is possible to access, as so with the other extras such as the calculator and the file manager, audio player, magnifier, organiser etc. It does have most of the bells and whistles a non smart phone should offer. The logo 'CPR' is a little unsettling though! I think this is a niche product that will be of interest to those looking after people with special needs or those who like life to be simple.

useful phone for those of us with larger fingers
Written by Mark Shackelford on 26th May 2017

useful phone for those of us with larger fingers handy call blocking function

easy to use doea what it says
Written by Leaving the room... mic drop on 26th May 2017

This does exactly what it says, blocks nuisance calls, and its very easy to use. The buttons are large and easy to use for chunky fingers and the colour screen and caller id is great. It's not all singing and dancing but it's good at what it does and it doesn't need to be anything else. This would be great for people who don't want to carry the Internet in their pocket and just want a phone to be a phone and block the nuisance callers that harass them

Written by Libby on 26th May 2017

Couldn't ask for a better product!

Written by test on 26th May 2017